VF Mist and Fume Collector

Operating Environment

This machine is suitable for use with integrated CNC machine tools as well as for oil vapor recycling within sealed operating environments. During machine tool cutting operations, oil vapor levels will rise with increasing spindle speed after cutting operations commence. This oil vapor can disperse into the operating environment. If workers inhale vapor over long periods of time, there could be serious health consequences, such as occupational disease. Accumulated oil vapor can also pollute the operating environment. Also, if the machine tool operating system is exposed to oil vapor long term it could increase the damage rate. Cleaning oil pollution from the operating environment is also another cost in time and effort. In order to respond to these problems, Bonli has developed this innovative new product.


After installing the mist and fume collector onto the machine tool, you are able to immediately recycle the oil vapor produced during machining. You are able to not only maintain a clean work environment, but also increase work efficiency. In addition to protecting your workers from occupational disease, you are also able to lower machining lubricant costs. Reduce your oil pollution cleaning costs and gain energy savings with an environmentally friendly solution.

Product Specifications

Model Number UNIT BL-001-VF BL-002-VF BL003-VF BL004-VF
Horsepower HP 1/2HP 0.37KW 1HP 0.75KW 1.5HP 1.25KW 2HP 1.5KW
Air Flow m3/mn 12 15 18 21
Air Intake Diameter m/m 150 150 150 150
Voltage V 220/380 220/380 220/380 220/380
Electric Current A 1.5/0.87 2.8/1.62 4.5/2.6 4.8/2.7
Cycle HZ 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rotation R.P.M 2850/3500 2850/3500 2850/3500 2850/3500
Noise dB 65 68 72 75
Weight KG 36 42 48 52

Outside Dimensions

Type D W H
BL-001-VF 395 400 650
BL-002-VF 394 400 750
BL-003-VF 455 460 650
BL-004-VF 454 460 750